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Puzzler Collection

Puzzler Collection

Puzzler Collection is a collection of thousands of puzzles in four categories: Fitword, Crossword, Sudoku and Wordsearch. In Fitword, the words shown must be placed in a grid. In Crossword, clues are given and the player must input the word that matches the description. In Sudoku, numbers are placed in a grid in such a way that no duplicates occur horizontally and vertically. In Wordsearch, the words shown have to be crossed out in a grid of letters.

  • Build, manage, ride, customize and socialize your way through the five theme parks you've created The simplest, most intuitive development tools available for all 75-plus ride types, from wooden, corkscrew and inverted coasters to merry-go-rounds, trains and all your favorite carnival rides
  • Play classic midway games like bumper cars, saucer soccer, remote-control cars, shooting gallery, mini-golf, rhythm challenges, arcade-style shoot- em-ups and puzzlers
  • Interact and develop a relationship with any guests you see - Listen to and address their unique concerns about your park, joke with them, and even help a guest impress his crush by winning that special prize
  • Explore 15 different themed areas spread across five theme parks, such as Pirates Gone Wild, Gold Rush, Ancient Treasures of Egypt and Moon Base
  • Customize your own playable character's gender, head, body, clothes, skin tone and accessories

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Game Information

  • Region: Europe
  • Media: UMD
  • Size: 46.21 MB
  • Publisher: ZOO Games
  • Language(s): Dutch - German - French - Spanish - Italian

Release Information

  • Release Group: PUSSYCAT
  • Release Date: 2015-02-15
  • Filename: cat-1175
  • Dirname: Puzzler_Collection_EUR_MULTi5_PSP-PUSSYCAT

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